Arrival by Fabiola Rodriguez

Sep 5, 2019
by Jonathan

On September 4, 2019 Fabi formally converted to Judaism. Below is her reflection of her experience. 


I am here because G-d answered my google search with an ad. Because it was meant to be that the only Judaism class in NYC on a Monday was with Base Hillel.


I think the main reason why I am sitting in front of this Beit Din is because when I met Rabbi Avram he assured me it was OK that my reason for wanting to know more about Judaism was my immense love of “Fiddler on the roof.”


Because “To life, to life, l’chayim” is Judaism to me.

Judaism is about life, about celebrating it, respecting it and bringing holiness into it.

Through Judaism I’ve learn to sanctify time, to find kedusha on the most mundane of tasks like eating or waking up. My life is richer because of the small reminders of G-d and my faith I receive every day.


I am here because I love Torah.

Because Torah is alive and is different every time. It changes when I do, it teaches me the exact lesson I need in that moment and it shows me that even when other people’s Torah is not like mine, I can still learn from it.


I am on the path of conversion because now is my turn to answer to G-d. Because this is a two party contract. G-d gave me Torah and I want to receive it in full.


I want to go through this process not because I think it will change who I am, I don’t think it will wash away who I was. I am going through this conversion because I think it will add to my soul. My history is the reason I am here and the reason I am ready to continue my life with a different mindset.


I will still be the same person who yearns for learning, who asks too many questions and who is always ready to start a debate. But now, whenever I wrestle with G-d I’ll do it knowing I’ve accepted the Torah and I’ve signed my part of the contract.


I am here because I’ve chosen to be one of the chosen ones, whatever being chosen actually means. I have a life ahead to find out and in the process bring chesed and kedusha to the world.